Twitter Just Exposed Michelle Obama’s Involvement In Trump’s Ban

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Unprecedented public pressure and private intrigues met to create the perfect storm that resulted in Twitter’s monumental decision to withdraw former President Donald Trump’s access in January 2021. The latest installment of “Twitter Flies” brings these events into sharp focus, offering an intriguing examination of how this ban unfolded.

On January 7, 2021 – one day after the Capitol incursion – former First Lady Michelle Obama voiced her ire in a powerful tweet.

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Giants of Silicon Valley must adopt a brave stance by permanently banning this person from their platforms and taking precautions against the improper use of technology to foment violent uprising. It is time to take swift, significant action to stop these types of risky disruption.

Firm action must now be taken to address the ineffective leadership that resulted in yesterday’s disgrace if meaningful progress is to be made. Time is of the essence if we are to secure a brighter future for our nation.

Michael Shellenberger, a journalist noted for his investigative prowess, highlighted the relevance of this message in his fourth “Twitter Files” release.

Twitter CEO @jack has come under intense pressure from numerous sources since the mayhem of January 6th. Notable voices such as former First Lady @michelleobama and tech journalist @karaswisher have advocated for Trump to be banned from the platform permanently – alongside other influential names like civil rights group ADL and high-tech VC firm [email protected]

Jack Dorsey’s silence on Twitter during a big crisis generated concerns as to his role and involvement.

Dorsey took a well-deserved vacation to French Polynesia while the question of banishing President Trump charged ahead. In his stead, Yoel Roth and Vijaya Gadde stepped in as main executives for resolving this choice about Jan 6th occurrences.

Shellenberger highlighted a 2017 tweet from Roth that provoked attention, suggesting there were indeed Nazis in the White House.

Michael Shellenberger revealed that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had expressed apprehensions over the possibility of a permanent ban for President Trump, unlike what other staff members were advocating.

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Examining his texts, Shellenberger uncovered only one instance of resistance—an insight he communicated via Twitter.

With Elon Musk now at the leadership of Twitter, President Trump has been welcomed back with open arms; yet he eventually chose to remain active on his own site Truth Social. His years’ worth of tweets have remained intact and available for inspection by present and future generations alike.

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Valerie Pierce
3 months ago

Shame on you big mike’
It certainly takes “balls” to demand the censoring of a sitting president but since you actually have a physical set of testes it all makes Sense now🤥🖕

3 months ago

Excuse me but Michealle Obama has NO POWER and is not even liked by most people that I know as she is stated that the first time she EVER was proud of the United States was when her husband won the election in 2008! What a trashy thing to say!