Not Again! Another Biden Admin Official Caught Stealing

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In the wake of reportedly snatching a woman’s suitcase for the second time this year, a Biden administration employee working for the DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy is the target of severe charges. These unsettling allegations bring to light potential wrongdoing and contempt for private property on the part of a person chosen to represent our nation in energy concerns.

Sam Brinton, a self-described “pup handler” and transgender person, was placed on leave after being accused of stealing at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on September 16. Court records state that this event led to the person’s sudden resignation from their position within the agency.

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Brinton was accused of committing a theft on December 8 at the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. KLAS News Station published this report.

A grand larceny warrant has been issued for a member of the Biden administration on suspicion of stealing goods valued between $1,200 and $5,000. Records acquired by KLAS indicate this, which raises severe concerns about any possible misbehavior on the part of a person appointed to the highest echelons of government.

A deputy assistant secretary nominated by the Office of Nuclear Energy is in charge of managing the disposal of spent nuclear fuel and waste. This crucial function is crucial in preventing possible harmful effects from this kind of substance on the environment and public health.

With her appointment as one of the federal government’s first gender-fluid officers and receipt of a top-secret “Q clearance,” an elite level of protection, Brinton made history early this year. Reaching top it all off, Brinton received a wage increase of quite a bit, to $178,063 per year!

Brinton is in charge of a large staff and controls a sizable budget, which includes the $45 billion Nuclear Waste Fund. As the head of the department in charge of handling our country’s spent nuclear fuel, Brinton is shouldering significant burdens.

The DOE official has a lengthy history of supporting college students’ sexual experimentation as a former drag queen and LGBTQ+ campaigner. They made ardent appeals to explore pup perform BDSM fetish roleplay in inventive ways among their numerous talks on kink.

According to a recent court record, a woman’s bag theft case led to an arrest in Minnesota. Her blue Vera Bradley luggage vanished from the baggage claim area of a local airport, which is where the story got started.

Brinton was seen on security tape gently removing a bag from the conveyor belt and removing its identity tag.

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A DOE employee promptly grabbed the suitcase and fled, using an Uber to get away.

Investigators learned that a Biden appointee attempted to carry an illegally obtained luggage through Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport twice in September and October while traveling to Washington, D.C.

Brinton was detained for theft even though he didn’t have any checked bags and had no business being in the baggage claim area. At first, he claimed that he had mistaken a suitcase for his own. Later, he told law enforcement that this account of the events was false.

A crime victim estimated that the stolen goods in her luggage were worth more than $2,000 and reported suffering a considerable financial loss.

The DOE deputy secretary made a sincere request for remote court hearings despite the increased expenses of flying to D.C. in order to lessen any financial burdens that might result from travelling between Washington and Minnesota.

Earlier this month, 16 House Republicans sent Secretary Granholm a demand letter demanding the termination or resignation of Energy Department staffer Brinton due to suspected malfeasance. The letter was spearheaded by Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Ga.).

Congressmen have demanded Sam Brinton’s resignation and urged authorities to move swiftly in hiring devoted people with impressive credentials for America’s energy industry.

On December 19, Brinton is scheduled to make their much awaited court appearance in Hennepin County.

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