What Did Greene Just Reveal?

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s strong response to a recent alleged incident at the border between the United States and Mexico sparked discussion and raised concerns among the general public.

The curious Greene found herself enquiring about a reported bomb spotted by watchful Border Patrol officials at a compelling House Homeland Security Committee meeting in Texas that was boycotted by passionate Democrats. This shocking revelation was actually nothing more than a sand and duct tape assemblage, as Mediaite astutely revealed.

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“Chief Ortiz, are you aware that there was an explosive device found by Border Patrol agents on January 17th in an area called No Man’s Land, and there’s surveillance of who put it there? And guess what? It wasn’t Americans; it was cartels. Are you aware of that?” Greene asked.

Ortiz skillfully avoided questioning by using the shroud of secrecy and claimed that confidentially prohibited the talk.

“I will tell you that some of this information that I receive, I receive in a confidential [sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF)], so I’m going to be a little hesitant of briefing what I know and what I don’t know with respect to some of those, an event like that,” he explained.

“I understand, Chief Ortiz, but I’m not going to be confidential because I think people deserve to know,” Greene declared. “Our Border Patrol agents should not be in those type of conditions where they are at risk of being blown to pieces by the cartels, who, by the way, are criminals, and they should be treated as such.”

“As a matter of fact, I’ve co-sponsored legislation to declare war on the cartels because they are definitely declaring war on us, the American people, and our Border Patrol agents, and I’ve had enough of it, and I know Americans have had enough of it,” she added.

“Now this was supposed to be a full committee. But as you can see, the Democrats are not here. They decided to not — to not show. Why? Well, they said coming here was just a political stunt. You tell me, taking a hearing to the point of the crisis for a firsthand view, are boycotting a hearing because you know we’re going to shine a light on the truth. Which of those is a political stunt? I’d say the political stunt are these empty chairs,” she continued.


Greene posted a compelling photograph of the alleged object in issue on Twitter.

“Explosive found by Border Patrol Agents Jan 17th,” she wrote. “Not only are the Cartels murdering Americans everyday [sic] through drugs and crime, but now they are planting bombs on our land in our country. Our US military needs to take action against the Mexican Cartels. End this Cartel led war against America!”

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Bill Melugin, a national correspondent for Fox News, replied to Greene by saying a “high-level CBP source” told him it was “fake” and just “filled with dirt.”

President Biden’s administration recently suffered a major loss when a federal court in Florida invalidated the divisive “catch and release” policy, which allowed illegal immigrants living in the US to roam free rather than face deportation.

Ashley Moody, Florida’s attorney general, files a lawsuit against the Biden administration, arguing that the divisive “catch and release” policy is “illegal.”

Likewise, a federal judge.

“In a scathing 109-page opinion, U.S. District Judge T. Kent Wetherell for the Northern District of Florida Pensacola Division ruled the Biden administration’s ‘catch-and-release’ policy is unlawful and ‘due to be vacated.’ He also denied the administration’s motion for summary judgment, vacated the administration’s “Parole+ATD” Policy under the Administrative Procedures Act, and gave the administration seven days to seek appellate review and comply with federal law and his ruling,” Just The News reported.

Judge Wetherell decided: “The Court finds in favor of Florida because, as detailed below, the evidence establishes that Defendants have effectively turned the Southwest Border into a meaningless line in the sand and little more than a speedbump for aliens flooding into the country by prioritizing ‘alternatives to detention’ over actual detention and by releasing more than a million aliens into the country – on ‘parole’ or pursuant to the exercise of ‘prosecutorial discretion’ under a wholly inapplicable statute – without even initiating removal proceedings.”

The judge attacked the policies of the Biden administration: “Collectively, these actions were akin to posting a flashing ‘Come In, We’re Open’ sign on the southern border. The unprecedented ‘surge’ of aliens that started arriving at the Southwest Border almost immediately after President Biden took office and that has continued unabated over the past two years was a predictable consequence of these actions.”

“Today’s ruling affirms what we have known all along, President Biden is responsible for the border crisis and his unlawful immigration policies make this country less safe,” Moody said. “A federal judge is now ordering Biden to follow the law, and his administration should immediately begin securing the border to protect the American people.”

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