“Trump Won”: Hear It Here First

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The mesmerizing new song “Trump Won” by renowned Christian vocalist and composer Natasha Owens has just been released. The catchy song dared to raise the prospect of vote fraud and President Trump’s fall during the controversial 2020 elections.

In barely two weeks, a covertly released song on Rumble and YouTube has amassed an amazing 874K and 178K views, respectively. Its captivating attractiveness draws viewers on a constant basis, raising its notoriety to new heights.

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See the dramatic contrast between the visuals from Joe Biden’s events and the sea of ardent Trump fans Owens expertly captured in crowded stadiums in the music video.

By delving into the song’s inspiration, Owens uncovered the alluring elements that gave the tune its life. “Everyone I know was so excited to have 4 more years of President Trump’s America First Agenda. Thousands of people filled stadiums for President Trump while no one was showing up for the Joe Biden rallies.”

“We all stayed up watching the election and we were so hopeful. But we all woke up to unexplainable events that happened overnight,” Owens added. “In the months and years that followed, there wasn’t much that was investigated and wrongs were not righted. Every time the topic came up people would say, ‘You know Trump won,’ and ‘Everyone knows it.’”

“When the film ‘2,000 Mules’ debuted I went to watch it. There was so much proof in that 2-hour documentary that Trump won. It just seemed that people were afraid to say it publicly. So I decided, it’s time for someone to sing about what is not talked about. Trump Won and You Know It,” said the singer.

Brian Mayes, her publicist with Nashville PR Company, lauded Owens’ most recent album and said, “Conservative powerhouse Natasha Owens is doubling down with her boldest political anthem to date.”

Delving beyond her Christian roots, Owens recently crafted an album, American Patriot, as a tribute to the nation and its ideals. The album features stirring renditions of timeless classics such as ‘God Bless America,’ ‘My Country ‘Tis of Thee,’ and ‘God Bless the USA.’

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