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On a memorable day, March 16, 2023, the Committee on Oversight and Accountability Majority Staff pulled back the drapes to reveal a document filled with brand-new information. This fascinating document, written to their fellow committee members, reveals results from their investigation into the alleged network of political influence-peddling and complex commercial enterprises hatched by the Biden family.

A significant subpoena that would help solve the riddles surrounding three business colleagues tied to the Biden family surfaced on the intriguing day of February 27, 2023. The Committee is currently pursuing its mission to identify any potential flaws in the legal maze relating to ethics and transparency of financial interests related to the families of the renowned Vice Presidents and Presidents with unwavering commitment.

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See how, between 2015 and 2017, John Robinson Walker, a trusted friend of the illustrious Biden family, deftly woven transactions worth an astounding $1.3 million via his firm to the family’s empire and enterprises. See the story as it develops as our Committee reveals bank documents that reveal the intricate network of financial transactions.

Records that were recently unearthed shed light on an unusual transaction in which Robinson Walker, LLC received $3 million from a Chinese company shortly after Vice President Joe Biden left office. The corporation then transmitted over $1 million to an Abu Dhabi-based organization connected to James Gilliar, a well-known Hunter Biden business friend.

The Biden family and their affiliated businesses received a succession of incremental payments over an exciting three-month period. Hallie Biden, several businesses connected to Hunter and James Biden, as well as an enigmatic bank account with the moniker “Biden,” were among the fortunate winners.

After losing her husband cruelly to brain cancer in 2015, Hallie Biden, the courageous widow of Beau Biden, the adored son of President Joe Biden and the former attorney general of Delaware, found love once more inside the Biden family. Hallie and Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s other son, were brought together by their mutual sadness, and their developing romance unavoidably caught the media’s eye.

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Their tweet reads as follows:

Exclusive: According to our research, bank records show a money trail from a Chinese energy company that was run by Rob Walker, a close friend of the Bidens, and that sent money to Hunter, James, Hallie, and an anonymous “Biden” as well. The ever-evolving Biden family drama takes on a new twist as a result of this interesting finding, which also raises important issues.

Following Joe Biden’s resignation as vice president in early 2017, it was revealed that Robinson Walker, LLC had received an unprecedented amount of $3 million from the Chinese company State Energy HK Ltd. A staggering $1,065,000 of the monies were then sent to a business connected to the mysterious James Gilliar, heightening the suspense.

See the remarkable collaboration between James Gilliar and Hunter Biden as they handled the tricky world of international business alongside the illustrious Biden family. When a succession of calibrated progressive payments are sent to the family’s members and businesses over the course of around three months, this gripping story comes to life.

The successful transfer of an amazing $1,065,692 shows the enormous potential of financial transactions.

the following members of the Biden family got funds from this account:

  1. James Biden
  2. Hunter Biden
  3. Hallie Biden, a new person of interest in the Biden Business Scheme

A fourth suspicious “Biden” bank account connected to financial activities is revealed by our inquiry. Although we tirelessly look for solutions, the identity of this mysterious account user is kept secret. It’s interesting to note that the Biden family seems to have gotten their hands on almost one-third of the money gained via the mysterious China wire.

In the end, the American people justifiably wants to know how much the Biden family may be using their position of influence for their own gain.

Our goal is to create laws that forbid family members from making money off of a family member’s political posts. This effort was motivated by concerns about the Biden family’s business dealings.

Responsibility is on the way.

You can read the complete news release here.

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