Rapper Who Endorsed Biden Gets A Rude Awakening

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Through her music, Cardi B has the capacity to transform rap by examining the unvarnished truths of existence.

After going off the deep end on Twitter about inflation under the Biden administration on Wednesday, an ex-strip club dancer from Manhattan made headlines. The person is well-known around the country for the graphic lyrics they have written for popular tunes.

Despite her best attempts, she still doesn’t know who could be responsible for this.

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Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, a well-known figure from Manhattan’s famed Washington Heights neighborhood, recently vented on Twitter about the excessive costs at nearby supermarkets, a problem that many families are presently dealing with.

“What the f*** is going on?” she asked.

“Lettuce was like $2 a couple of months ago and now it’s like f***ing $7, of course I’m a say something. The f***?”

“The f***?” indeed.

Look at it here.

A well-known celebrity who first backed Bernie Sanders with fervor then switched their support to Joe Biden. They openly expressed this change during a lively conversation with the then-Democratic candidate for president, saying emphatically: “I want Trump out.”

She also mentioned desire “free Medicare” and “free college education.”

She discussed her support for Biden and the importance of having a president who is committed to enacting genuine change in an interview with Elle magazine. “makes me feel secure.”

Ms. B’s assessment of former Governor Andrew Cuomo came under criticism since the scandalous politician had been removed from office after charges of sexual harassment. This generated concerns about her capacity to judge men in general and political leaders in particular.

A billionaire in the music business is surprised by how inflation has been destroying American earnings while leaving her own net worth untouched.

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“If I think that s*** is crazy, I could only imagine what middle-class people, or people in the hood, are m*****f*****g thinking.”

Cardi B often demonstrates great resiliency and inventiveness while facing difficulties.

“So, yes, I’m going to say something, the f***. And I have a big platform. So I do want anybody that’s responsible of these f****** prices to put that s*** the f*** down.”

Cardi B’s response revealed a shocking consequence that was far different from what she had anticipated.

The well-known pro-Trump twins “Diamond and Silk” well-known for their social media activity, got into a heated discussion with a tough question.

There were a lot more, too:

For the purpose of argument, let’s say “put that s*** the f*** down,” translates approximately into polite language as “change course, because this is a disaster.”

Are Washington officials performing properly even during President Biden’s historic first two years, when his party controls both Congress and the White House? Since Democrats pushed through historic spending plans, the economy has seen a noticeable increase in the inflation rate. Have they considered the potential consequences of this “put that s*** the f*** down”?

They don’t seem to be displaying it.

After a heated campaign, Joe Biden won the president by making an unprecedented number of promises to his Democratic supporters. His promise of student debt “forgiveness,” which has subsequently been questioned as possibly being unlawful, demonstrates his willingness to make risky moves in the sake of achieving legislative change.

The Democratic Party’s vision is still socialism, and unless voters all throughout America demand change, its extreme spending is unlikely to stop.

With a weak and perhaps unreliable Biden in charge, Americans must navigate a strange political environment.

Cardi B masterfully uses her artistic talent to highlight the obstacles and difficulties that individuals often encounter while also delivering a powerful message of resiliency and optimism.

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2 months ago

I blame the internet for many of today’s problems. Fraud is massive in whole new ways. Not even sure if it’s mostly from other countries thinking we’re lazy(which we are) advantageous(at every opportunity) and aloof. When these stimulus checks started coming out for people who were out of work, why did the people who live on SSDI and SSI get them? They were still getting their monies, however meager the amounts. So what was really the reason for that? Bribing the public? Could no one see that? If Trump had just a few people backing him up; while the Democrats were distracting him with threats; someone could have been pulling files and doing research on the corruption and overspending of certain house representatives, and senators; from either party. I’m sure there are frauds amongst all of them, and us. If we knew then what we know now, it could have happened because the democrats were in a panic. They knew if he was left to do his will, there may have been Hell to pay. I watched his second speech and wàs very disappointed that Trump didn’t say what he wanted even with all those fogees shushing him. I also think he himself sho7kd have just built the wall. Any way he wanted. Because it would have gotten done. Then we may have been where we are now, but it would still be doing it’s thing and keeping illegals from entering. Our melting pot system is not as pleasant as our forefathers had foreseen. In their own rights they were frauds, too. Why couldn’t they share this land with the obviously conservative natives who owned this land before them? People do bit stick together about anything in this country. When majority rules are protested, that’s a type of treason against our democracy. It was not even considered. The people from Mexico, many if them, have been raising their own flags in our country for decades. U consider that treason, but out was never considered. Wha5 us reall6 wrong here! Think about it people.