Mystery Submarine Discovered With Bodies Aboard

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In a brave attempt to deceive authorities, drug traffickers have found inventive techniques to move their unlawful commodities across borders. They use a variety of tactics, including fast boats, covert tunnels, disguised food, and even human carriers. But, a recent submarine misadventure off the coast of Colombia turned out to be a disastrous choice.

The Colombian Navy discovered a menacing 49-foot narco sub floating eerily in the Pacific Ocean one fateful Sunday in March. When its secrets were revealed, they found two dead bodies together with an amazing cargo of more than 2.6 tons of cocaine, which was worth an astounding $87.7 million. Two survivors were also discovered in the improvised submarine’s depths amid the strange scene.

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According to a statement the Ministry of National Defense of Colombia reportedly released, the survivors were in “poor health conditions on the outside of the vessel.” On board, there was some sort of incident “due to the generation of toxic gases from the fuel.”

Watch as Navy officers unearth a buried treasure trove, but what they find isn’t gold or diamonds; it’s a sizable quantity of illegal cocaine that is wrapped up and ready for the taking.

According to Vice, the unfortunate ship most likely set sail for Central America, a popular transit hub for illegal goods headed for the US market.

According to the United Nations Office on Drug Crime, Colombia is the country from whence the vast bulk of cocaine that reaches North American coasts originates. Authorities estimate that up to 90% of drug trafficking activities cross the US-Mexico border alone. Once in Mexico or Central America, the drugs are often transported by sea to the US and Canada.

BuzzFeed News provides viewers a glimpse into the amazing efforts smugglers employ in creating submarines specifically intended to elude detection in an eye-opening video report from 2020. When authorities work to track down and intercept these stealthy vessels, they face a grave dilemma.

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Several narco submarines have been found thanks to the US Coast Guard’s persistent operations throughout the years, which have effectively stopped millions of dollars’ worth of illicit goods from reaching US shores.

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