Are You A Trump Supporter? Read This Before Attending Any Protests

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In an exciting development, President Trump calls on supporters to show their allegiance by opposing his expected imprisonment, headed by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, on dubious charges connected to the infamous 2016 Stormy Daniels incident. While this is going on, well-known people warn their followers against possibly marching into a federally planned reenactment of the infamous January 6 riot.

I’m excited to share my ideas on whether or not you should protest on the streets with you having spent more than 10 years as a seasoned conservative street activist in our nation’s capital. I’ll also reveal some tried-and-true techniques to effectively get your voice heard.

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From 1998 to 2007, I was a fervent supporter of conservatism in the Washington, D.C., area, protesting unceasingly against political corruption and media bias with countless street demonstrations outside Bill Clinton’s and Al Gore’s homes each year. This culminated in an annual protest at the White House Correspondents Dinner honoring liberal media influence over a fifteen-year period. Through the use of venues like Free Republic, Take America Ahead, and the Gathering of Eagles, we were able to successfully plan a number of events that encouraged support for our troops in the battle against terrorism in the wake of 9/11. We occasionally had to put ourselves in the way of terrorist threats because of our commitments, protecting important buildings like The White House and The Washington Post. Also, in 2005, we conducted a remarkable FReeper inauguration ball with success, drawing a noteworthy throng of close to 1,000 guests.

Our group coordinated and managed an astounding range of law enforcement organizations, including the D.C. From the majestic White House to the historic Arlington Cemetery and even the Vice President’s residence infamously known as “Cheney’s House,” we have left a lasting impression throughout the nation’s capital. Police, Capitol Police, and even the Secret Service, as we seamlessly conducted demonstrations at iconic landmarks throughout Washington, D.C.

We valiantly engaged a diverse range of adversaries, from communists and anarchists to radicals and rebels of many hues, in a conflict of wits and principles. The scene was prepared for a heated argument in which words served as both the weapons and the battlefield, which was the public’s view. Black Bloc, Code Pink, ANSWER, fervent Islamists, steadfast Democrats, elusive RINOs, crafty media, and the unyielding radicals of the Westboro Baptist Church were just a few of our enemies.

We achieved all of it by maintaining constant peace and civil behavior. Our code of conduct was really helpful to us.

It said, in brief  “No violence, no racism, no profanity, no provocations, obey the law and treat all law enforcement officers with respect.”

There were additional guidelines as well:

If we wanted our protests to be peaceful, we had to play a calculated game that involved keeping at least an arm’s length away from our opponents and refraining from physical contact. Also, the traditional basketball rule that you only saw the second punch thrown applied in this situation; yet, it was crucial for us to refrain from responding to attacks in any way and instead to move back or walk away in search of assistance. Staying secure while protecting ourselves when necessary is the objective!

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Fears of armed individuals joining our demonstrations were greatly reduced by D.C.’s strong self-defense weapon limitations. Open carry should ideally be avoided, whereas concealed carry is still a discrete but practical choice.

Truth be told, unlike organizations like the KKK and Antifa, conservatives believe in standing up to the world unafraid. We do, however, occasionally have fun doing silly impersonations of people like Hillary, Saddam, or emotional journalists.

We proudly fly the national flag, regional flags, military emblem flags, historical revolutionary flags, and flags of our international allies in the fight against terrorism throughout our gatherings as well as other symbols of unity and solidarity. Also, as long as they keep a respectful tone, we acknowledge and accept modern political flags. Our thoughtful attendees have avoided displaying any polarizing emblems, guaranteeing a peaceful atmosphere. Also, our neighborhood is dedicated to respecting both public and private property by forgoing behaviors like flag desecration.

Our signage were well-known for their sharpness, humor, and ability to be customized for different occasions. With the exception of the occasional foul expression, we avoided using profanity while carefully curating our signs to uphold our standards. As a result, we gained a reputation as having the best protest signs in D.C.

Our organization worked hard to keep a tightly controlled membership, making sure that anybody with a history of racism, violence, or other bad behavior were categorically forbidden from joining us or participating in our protests. By taking a proactive stance, we advised the more agitated members to steer clear of tense demonstrations and similarly advised against bringing kids to events with a potentially tense atmosphere.

“Our D.C. experience was marked by peaceful demonstrations, as we held steadfast to our principles, echoing the commitment of pro-life marchers and Tea Party activists of the past. An extraordinary display of civic duty, our presence resulted in not only zero arrests, but also a cleaner city in our wake.”

The course of events changed on January 6, 2021.

Downtown Washington, D.C. A spirited pro-Trump rally took place at the gorgeous Freedom Plaza and National Mall on December 12, 2020. The sunny day was graced by a varied and energetic throng that was brought together by a common passion and peacefully expressed their support as they marched toward the Capitol and Supreme Court.

As the evening went on, the Proud Boys and Antifa’s hostility quickly grew into a physical altercation on the streets. I took off on a nighttime drive, keeping a safe distance and watching the drama play out.

I decided to stay at home on January 6 because my Spider-sense urged me to.

It is urged that Trump supporters continue to exercise their freedom to protest in light of the likelihood of provocateurs and federal agents infiltrating protests. They should, however, exercise caution in preserving the safety of their gatherings to ward off any unwanted intrusions and make sure that their voices can be heard without interference.

I’d also advise folks to leave if they appear in khaki or camouflage like these guys did.

Remind individuals who might not agree with your cause or are unwilling to abide by the rules that this protest is yours and that they can voice their opinions elsewhere.

Learn how thrilling it is to speak up in even the most difficult situations without suffering serious repercussions! Accept the thrill of a decade-long successful journey through hardship, where involvement and creativity blossom.

We must fervently engage in peaceful and energetic activism to defend our prized privileges. Democrats’ disturbing misuse of governmental authority to silence conservative viewpoints only highlights how vital it is to stand up and preserve our Constitution from internal subversion. To protect our rights from tyranny, let’s band together and take back our government.

In addition to street protests, there are various forms of activism and protest. Use them as well, but keep going. “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

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