‘Liberal Sherpa’ Who Lost To Fox News Arrested For Kidnapping

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A well-known political commentator who once worked for Fox News and is recognized for his left-leaning viewpoint is presently dealing with major legal issues.

Cathy Areu has been detained and accused of both stealing a substantial sum of money believed to be over $250,000 and abducting her elderly mother.

Areu allegedly committed a hostile act against her own mother, pushing the elderly lady into a nursing facility twice against her will, according to Florida officials. Furthermore, according to insiders, one of these efforts even included her hauling her out of their shared home.

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Elder abuse incidents are all too common in Miami-Dade and upset the neighborhood. But when those accused of exploitation or cruelty come from an old person’s own family, it is very infuriating. Katherine Fernandez Rundle, the state attorney, said that “these incidents have an especially terrible consequence.”

Despite Areu’s daughter’s efforts, Areu’s mother resisted giving up ownership of her house. The claim that Areu forced a senior citizen into two nursing homes against her will using a revoked power of attorney was even more surprising.

A former local pundit has been accused of many offences, including abduction, taking advantage of the elderly, and fraud. Following an investigation by 7 News Miami, the claims were revealed, and the accused is now being detained without bond in the Miami-Dade county prison.

Popular podcast host Areu has been evading law enforcement without knowledge since 2019. There are rumors that he once went as far as Mexico in an effort to get away from them while they were looking into him.

A lawsuit that was brought against Fox News, its network, and its hosts, including former anchor Ed Henry, was finally dropped last year. According to Law & Crime, she filed a lawsuit on her own behalf, accusing well-known personalities including Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Howard Kurtz among others of being spiteful.

A extremely explicit and perhaps upsetting federal complaint about alleged sexual misconduct was brought by two women against Fox News in July 2020. Lead plaintiff Jennifer Eckhart’s legal arguments proceeded in court in September of that year, and former executive producer Henry was charged with sex trafficking.

Areu claimed in her now-dismissed lawsuit that Tucker Carlson had improper motives when he offered her a spot on his program. This assertion is refuted by the fact that she was called onto “Tucker Carlson Tonight” four times in the months that followed.

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity severely embarrassed a young female employee when he loudly demanded that someone take her out to drinks at Del Frisco’s after throwing $100 on the studio desk without warning. After being placed in an unpleasant position by one of the most powerful figures in the media, the lady felt “totally horrified.”

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After emails showed she had asked to invite a male companion, Area’s appearance on Fox News had its facts reviewed. Later, it became clear that Hannity planned to treat her and “Alex” to a night to remember by paying for their drinks at the upscale Del Frisco’s restaurant close to the studio.

Areu was appreciative and thrilled after her participation on Hannity. Following an instant thank-you email to the host and his team, she spontaneously treated herself to a martini at a neighboring restaurant, all thanks to Sean’s kind $100 donation!

Since she started Catalina magazine, a journal showcasing motivational tales of Latinx culture, in 2001, Cristina Areu has been challenging stereotypes and fostering constructive conversation in the American Hispanic community. Between 2001 and 2012, she conducted political interviews and went on to be featured at Fox News as a contributing editor for The Washington Post Magazine. More recently, she took over as presenter of the “Liberal Sherpa” podcast.

The network quickly deleted any evidence of this woman’s existence on its site as word of her arrest circulated.

Claudia Areu, who had been on the prosecutors’ wanted list since June, was eventually apprehended after months of eluding them. She is still being held without bail in the county jail, and it is still unknown from court and jail records if she has retained an attorney.

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