House Democrat Caught Red-Handed In Major Tax Evasion Scheme

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A House Democrat known for fighting economic inequality is revealed to have hidden almost $30 million in an overseas tax haven to support his charity organization, according to information from recent financial filings.

The charitable Richard W. Goldman Foundation, which has worked bravely for more than ten years to help the poor, has discovered a startling $32.2 million nest egg hidden away in the renowned tax haven of the Cayman Islands. In the realm of philanthropic giving, this stunning organization, founded in 2012 by none other than Democratic Congressman Daniel Goldman of New York, continues to create headlines.

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A fascinating development is that Goldman has taken over as the financial director for the Goldman Foundation, expertly managing the distribution and administration of its assets, according to recent filings with the SEC. A intriguing declaration sent to House Ethics also highlighted the New York lawmaker’s continued membership on the prestigious advisory board of the charity through July 2022.

By publicly endorsing President Joseph Biden’s plan to raise taxes on wealthy people and companies recently, Rep. Goldman made headlines and demonstrated a pro-active attitude to his yearly budget agenda.

“At a time of record wealth inequality, the wealthiest among us must help to provide more access for others to pursue the American dream that they have benefited so much from,” Goldman stated. “I’m proud to cosponsor the Billionaire Minimum Income Tax as a long-overdue piece of legislation that will level the playing field, incentivize investment in the economy, and expand opportunities for underserved communities.”

2012 saw Democrats focus their criticism of Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney on the Cayman Islands’ tax havens. In her first campaign for the US Senate, Elizabeth Warren criticized a system that was “rigged” by tax breaks and pledged her support for small-business owners that “bust their tails every day” and don’t hoard their profits. “Their money in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying their fair share in taxes.”

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The distinguished Mr. Goldman, whose net worth is rumored to range from a spectacular $64 million to an astonishing $253 million, possesses a remarkable background as the heir to the renowned Levi Strauss empire.

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