DOJ Drops the Hammer: $83 Million COVID Testing Scam

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A start-up COVID testing company’s co-owner is accused of defrauding the U.S. government of an astounding $83 million in federal subsidies, according to the Department of Justice, in a shocking disclosure.

In an exciting turn of events, Chicago’s Laboratory Elite co-owner Zishan Alvi, 44, is accused of planning a cunning yet evil conspiracy. Alvi and his group are accused of coming up with a scheme to defraud the government of money in 2021–2022, claiming reimbursement for fictitious COVID tests that were never performed or used. Watch this space for updates on the developing controversy.

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Federal funding was provided by the Health Resources and Services Administration to provide free COVID-19 testing for people without insurance. Alvi’s business, although receiving federal financing, has been charged with abusing the system by failing to complete the tests, completing them incorrectly, or charging more to consumers.

Alvi is demanded to forfeit investments he made as well as five different luxury automobiles he purchased during the outbreak, according to the accusation. “The indictment seeks forfeiture from the defendant of at least $6.8 million in alleged ill-gotten gains, in addition to five luxury vehicles and funds from other trade and investment accounts.”

The indictment alleges that the Chicagoan would defraud the government by forcing workers to provide consumers with false results without conducting COVID testing. “In order to conceal the fact that tests were not performed, ALVI instructed Laboratory A employees to release purported negative COVID-19 test results to individuals, when ALVI knew that no tests were performed.”

By directing that fewer materials be used to complete the COVID tests, he would also make more money. “To reduce costs and increase Laboratory A’s profits, ALVI directed Laboratory A employees to alter Laboratory A’s PCR testing method by using less of the materials necessary to process the PCR test, including the reagents, knowing that this made the test results unreliable.”

A high-stakes court dispute involving 10 wire fraud charges and claims of embezzlement of public monies is ongoing against the defendant. He may spend an incredible 200 years in prison if found guilty of the wire fraud counts, in addition to another ten years for embezzling public funds.

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Kwame Raoul, the attorney general of Illinois, made fun of Alvi for the accusations. “It is absolutely reprehensible that the defendant would use a public health crisis to allegedly defraud taxpayers and further put public health at risk by providing fraudulent COVID-19 test results,” He stated in a letter.

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Jogn Roberts
4 days ago

As everyone knows only the Federal Government is permitted to defraud the American people and the Feds WILL NOT stand for any competition.