“Should Secretary Mayorkas Be Impeached?” Watch The Explosive Details

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Famous border crisis reporter Ben Bergquam recently confronted Chief Raul Ortiz, challenging his oversight of the southern border. Once Ortiz admitted that the US had lost authority over this crucial barrier during President Joe Biden’s administration, the US made this audacious step.

Even though DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the “border is secure,” a startling inflow of over five million undocumented immigrants rushed into the country during the first two years of President Biden’s administration. The circumstance raises questions about either criminal carelessness or, in the worst case scenario, a conspiracy between the federal government and the Sinaloa Cartels to methodically destroy the United States.

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The impeachment of Mayorkas and a comprehensive investigation into the alleged violations he committed are requested immediately.

Hang on to your seats as Republican Congressman Paul Gosar suggests that probes into high-ranking officials General Mark Milley and Secretary Mayorkas for their alleged mismanagement of national security will soon be launched. For exciting updates on this developing political tempest, “stay tuned” to The Gateway Pundit.

Moreover, Congressman Eli Crane said to The Gateway Pundit, “I will absolutely vote to impeach Secretary Mayorkas because there’s been a complete dereliction of duty at the southern border.”

US Border Patrol Director Ral Ortiz, defying DHS Secretary Mayorkas and President Biden, frankly admitted a worrying “crisis” at the frontier, signifying an unnerving lack of control over its bounds. According to The Gateway Pundit, this disclosure raises the possibility of rising administration-wide conflicts.

Chief Ortiz stresses the need of the border wall for national security and urges President Biden to complete construction of it.

Ben Bergquam, a reporter for Real America’s Voice, challenged Chief Ortiz after he made this revelation, asking, “should Secretary Mayorkas be impeached, sir?” In fact, Ortiz said, “No, sir.”

Bergquam continued, “how can you say no when you know he’s broken his oath? You’ve had 17 suicides. How can you say the morale of Border Patrol has not been affected? Border Patrol deserves better, sir.”

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Ortiz deftly sidestepped Ben’s persistent questions and snuck into a room to stop further violation of Mayorkas and Biden’s orders.

In an unexpected turn of events, The Gateway Pundit unearths secret video showing Border Patrol personnel audaciously criticizing DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz in person. Obviously, individuals responsible for securing our borders are quickly losing faith in their superiors.

Bergquam tweeted the following video:

“Wrong answer,” said Bergquam.

When questioned Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz after he admitted that the agency does not have “operational control” over the southern border, Bergquam “Should Secratary Mayorkas be impeached?” He genuinely responded to the query. Unfortunately with the incorrect response! Border Patrol should be improved.

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