Manhattan DA Taking Action Against Trump – What He’s Done in the Past

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Donald Trump, the former commander in chief, is about to experience a spectacular turn of events! Next Monday, renowned Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg will step up the ante and charge him with a crime. These allegations, connected to hush money in 2016, deviate from Bragg’s custom of downplaying accusations, highlighting the seriousness of the matter. Remain tuned!

Since taking office, DA Bragg has adopted a more lenient approach to criminal justice, dropping felony charges in more than half of all cases that come before him. This considerable departure from the previous administration’s policy offers a crucial chance to rethink how we defend law and order.

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See the fearless prosecutor who, despite a startling 30% increase in violent crime, is making waves in New York City by resolutely avoiding prison time for all but the most heinous offenders! Convictions decline as mercy increases, with their courtroom successes only securing 51%—a dramatic decline in success in just a few years.

Federal prosecutors have ultimately decided not to file charges against President Trump after months of discussion and expectation. Due in part to District Attorney Bragg reversing his previous opinion that it was a risky undertaking, the case is unexpectedly poised for rebirth. Despite the fact that a number of deputies left their positions in protest of this choice, it is still unknown what ultimately caused DA Bragg to change his mind.

On Truth Social on Saturday, President Trump sparked a fury by launching a tirade against the district attorney and foretelling the arrival of an indictment on Tuesday. Trump may be subject to the same fingerprinting and processing as a typical defendant, according to probe insiders, but will his legal wizards try a virtual maneuver? The spokeswoman for the former president informs them that they are unaware of any prospective arrests in the interim.

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