Kevin McCarthy Just Dropped An Ominous Warning

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Kevin McCarthy, the speaker of the Republican-controlled House, confronts formidable obstacles in his efforts to oppose President Biden’s policies and put America back on a stable course. He is becoming more concerned about the future of our country under this government as a result of these challenges.

All pretense of control has been washed away by Joe’s inactivity on the international stage, enabling our adversaries to wreak havoc. Alarm bells should be ringing in light of Russia’s unchecked aggression against Ukraine and the emergence of new alliances amongst long-standing adversaries. This emerging axis of power is putting unprecedented amounts of influence in play.

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Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy “I’m very concerned that it looks a lot like 1936 all over again. An axis of power of Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran bounding together against the freedom and values of what America represents.”

A worrying new coalition threatens to form amid rising international tensions. In an increasingly complicated world of international politics, Biden’s mistakes have already driven old allies like Saudi Arabia to seek backing from nations like China, Iran, and North Korea. This has further destabilized the international order.

China is quickly putting itself in position to overtake the United States as the world’s top diplomatic power because to its extensive international ties. However, this ascension has many concerned about their long-term agendas; with a global track record that does not prioritize human rights or general well-being of others, it remains questionable whether these Chinese initiatives are truly designed for collective benefit.

China’s newly shown diplomatic agenda may be a sign that it has annexation intentions for Taiwan. A potentially ominous hint that the government plans to rally support for the action against this independent nation is that it has taken the extraordinary step of talking with foreign leaders, many of whom have long been at odds with their objectives.

President Biden’s relatively dormant status means that his long-standing friendly connection with China is still being scrutinized. Notwithstanding possible harm to American interests, such as the sale of foreign petroleum reserves, Joe has invested in a number of pro-China ventures throughout the years.

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He has repeatedly failed in the Middle East despite his best efforts. With enormous cosmic stakes at risk right now, one incorrect move might spell doom for all of us.

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