Conservative Groups Want Congress To Prioritize These Issues

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Conservative lobbyists have been outspoken in their desire for a long-lasting legacy of governmental supervision and increased security at our southern border as the GOP Congress election of 2023 approaches. Additionally, this group continues to place a high focus on social problems as we move into such critical political times.

Organizations had varying opinions on the chances that progressive legislation would pass via Congress; others hoped that conservative legislation would be introduced despite political differences.

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“We believe that the focus should almost singularly be investigations of the Biden administration and their allies outside of the government.” The American Accountability Foundation’s founder and well-known innovator in his industry, Thomas Jones, talked to the DCNF about his organization.

Conservative organizations have encouraged federal authorities to strike a balance between exercising appropriate supervision and enacting important legislation on social issues and border security as the 118th Congress draws near. This serves as a crucial warning of the possible repercussions that may occur if our country’s officials do not aggressively encourage smart judgment at all levels of government.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy was chosen as Speaker of the House late Friday night after a protracted leadership contest. This decision drew mixed emotions from numerous conservative groups and held both promise and trepidation for GOP-led legislative victories this term. It is unclear if Republicans will be successful in advancing their agenda over the next months or years with Democrats controlling the White Chamber and the upper house of Congress.

The discussion groups came to the unanimous conclusion that the pace of government supervision of technology must be expedited. Recent discoveries from Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” revealed a concerning pattern where prominent technology firms partnered with authorities to suppress opposing viewpoints, like in the case of The New York Post piece on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“We believe that the focus should almost singularly be investigations of the Biden administration and their allies outside of the government.” The American Accountability Foundation’s president and founder, Thomas Jones, told the DCNF.

“The Twitter Files released by Elon Musk have provided a disturbing, if incomplete, picture of these anti-democratic activities, and Republicans must establish a January 6-style commission to get to the bottom of this and determine what actions must be taken to ensure it never happens again,” According to Terry Schilling, the American Principles Project’s president, the DCNF.

Leaders from several groups praised Rep. Jim Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee for their ability to manage crucial situations and expressed confidence in their leadership qualities.

While stressing the critical role of oversight, Dan Schneider, VP of Free Speech America and MRC Business, he warned Congress against using it as a roadblock to promoting conservative ideas.

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“The House must not use oversight hearings as an excuse for not doing the important legislative work that must be done,” Schneider stated. “We need to have oversight for things like the Hunter Biden laptop story, Big Tech censorship and manipulation of data but those hearings must be a means to an end not an end of itself.”

Jones predicted that Republicans will have a difficult path forward in their quest of legislative success since the Senate and White House are now under Democratic control.

“As conservatives, we don’t think there is any likelihood that there will be any meaningful conservative legislation with the Democrats controlling the Senate and the White House,” Jones explained. “So the question is what should Congress do with its limited time.”

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 14: Ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan R-Ohio during a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill on July 14, 2022 in Washington, DC. The committee heard testimony on threats to individual freedoms after the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the Roe v Wade decision on abortions. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Following the 2018 midterm elections, Arthur Milikh, executive director of the Claremont Center for American Way of Life, said that regardless of whether Republicans had regained control of the Senate, the country’s present situation would have remained the same. “not in a legislative moment right now.”

Due to the Border Patrol’s record-breaking 222,000 arrests in December, the southern border was a hot topic during the 118th Congress. At this crucial moment, a seemingly endless flow of migrants has elevated border security to the top of policymakers’ agendas nationally.

As a result of a bigger than ever surge of illegal immigrants, Mike Howell, the acclaimed Director of Heritage’s Oversight Project and well-respected former counsel for Homeland Security, pointed to states with newly created congressional districts. He saw it as a very troubling development that required quick treatment. “existential” “national security threat to the United States.”

“The first thing [Biden administration] did when they came in was undo our border and there is a reason why they did it first,” Howell said. “We have taken in, undoubtedly, a massive criminal element into this country at a time when the cartel agents are firing on border patrol agents and we’ve just lost control of the southern border to the cartels.”

Sunday was President Joe Biden’s first trip to the southern border since 2008. Howell said that the “political timing” was “lost” on him and that Biden’s statement most certainly put border patrol officers on edge.

Congress was strongly asked by the ADF to pay attention to the present societal tensions around abortion, transgender athletes, and religious freedom. On these controversial topics that have provoked acrimonious discussions throughout America, it is time for legislative action.

In response to efforts by legislators and the Biden Administration, which have sought pro-abortion laws as well as a waiver for transgender female athletes competing against biological females, ADF called on the House to go through with “better” legislation.

Milikh expressed hope that the GOP’s commitment to standing up for the interests of the American people will flourish, subject to the choice of the next speaker.

“There’s a lot of anger, legitimate anger, in the American public, in the Republican base, over these issues,” Milikh said.

McCarthy refused to respond when asked for comment on the situation.

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