Biden’s Submarine Announcement: Unexpected Twist

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At the Point Loma naval station in San Diego, California, on March 13, President Joseph Biden launched an ambitious collaborative naval partnership between the United States, Great Britain, and Australia. With this agreement, the US would share cutting-edge nuclear submarine technology with Australia, strengthening vulnerable areas, ushering in a new era in South China Sea security. In sharp contrast, the US Coast Guard had just finished looking for victims of a capsized boat that had been involved in human trafficking, underscoring the difficult tasks that maritime authorities must undertake.

According to Newsweek, a renowned spokesperson has intriguingly described the situation  “one of the worst maritime smuggling tragedies” the nation has ever experienced. In a terrible maritime event, the Coast Guard found eight dead bodies after a distressing, nearly six-hour-long search that was hampered by thick fog. The Spanish-speaking person who made the emergency call on March 12 reported that two “fishing boats” had run into dangerous swells. In the midst of the chaos, one boat capsized, putting at least eight passengers in grave danger. Regrettably, seven people are still listed as missing, which heightens the already palpable grief of this tragedy.

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A heartbreaking 16,554 victims were included in the astonishing 10,359 cases of human trafficking that US law enforcement dealt with in 2021. The sobering statistics show that migrants, who are frequently moved in a vulnerable manner, bore the brunt of this horrific crime, accounting for an astounding 93% of labor trafficking incidents and 54% of all cases.

In an unforeseen turn of events, President Biden’s trip to San Diego coincided with the unfolding of a local tragedy, placing him in an odd situation. Although the search at Black Beach is only a short distance away, the President has remained remarkably silent on the subject.

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A cutting-edge naval spectacular led by the maritime superpowers of the US, Great Britain, and Australia has sailed into a world of greater security and vigilance in the South China Sea. Initiated by the purchase of three powerful nuclear-powered ships, this elite alliance will work together to design a cutting-edge submarine fleet that is ready to defend its members’ territories from potential threats. The strategic move coincides with a wave of escalating regional tensions brought on by China’s military show of force near Taiwan.

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