Young Woman Has Insane Meltdown…Assaults Delivery Woman In Elevator For Not Properly Wearing Mask, Maintaining Social Distance [VIDEO]

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One thing the Wuhan virus pandemic has done is shine a light on our youth, who should be free-thinkers, but instead, are freely accepting the authority of our government who are mandating that they give up their freedoms in the name of “safety.” Our youth have become sitting ducks for the socialist propaganda Democrats, and Dr. Fauci are pushing about sacrificing for the common good.

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Go to almost any college campus in America, and you’ll see college kids walking around, by themselves, OUTSIDE, wearing a mask. College students are being threatened by the college administrators and shamed by their peers…and the heartbreaking part is that they’re conforming without uttering a word of dissent. Curiously, they’re not even questioning the science behind wearing a mask outside—they’re literally sitting in their rooms, masked up, and waiting for the moment the government will give back their freedom.

Today, a video was posted on Twitter that reveals just how unhinged our youth have become over the fear of contracting COVID, a virus with a 0.2 percent death rate for people younger than 25.

In the video, a young woman can be seen having an absolute meltdown over a delivery woman on the elevator who, according to her, isn’t maintaining proper social distancing or properly wearing her mask. At one point in the video, the unhinged woman appears to assault the delivery woman after screaming at her and telling her to “get the f**k out” of the elevator.

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Watch the incredible exchange here:

The Wuhan virus pandemic has already had an incredible effect on our society. It’s turned Americans against fellow Americans for not adhering to COVID protocol set by politicians in their states, and it’s given those same lawmakers a glimpse into how easily we can be controlled. Pay attention America—history is trying to repeat itself.

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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5 days ago

How sad that she does not do the research on mask wearing just blindly follows the idiots and their lies

Steven Briscoe
4 days ago

I am not a prophet, nor am I the son of a prophet, however, God will not be mocked forever. I am also not a doctor, nor am I the son of a doctor, however, I beg you to please listen to Dr. Simone Gold with America’s Front Line doctors if you desire to hear the truth…

4 days ago

Some of our youth are just plain nuts . It seems like nowadays young kids have some sort of ailment. Must be in the water at school. Plus someone needs to teach this young lady some manners. And learn to treat others nicely. And if she’s this crazed over a useless mask.I think maybe she needs counseling. I am sure she already is in counseling somewhere.

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