Video: Fed Up Parents Yell “No More Masks!”…Take Over School Board Meeting as Board Members Escape Out the Back

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A Salt Lake City, Utah School District meeting on Tuesday, May4th, was the scene of angry and fed-up parents who are sick of their kids wearings masks in school.

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The board had proposed that they would hear from parents about removing the mask mandate for K-12 students.  The problem is the school board would only allow one parent to speak, and after the board allowed a “mask advocate”  to speak, the school board shut down the discussion angering parents (see full video below).

The parents began yelling, “No more masks!” and took over the meeting while the school board members escaped out the back door.

UTAH’s Deseret News reports:  The crowd rose to its feet in protest and one man shouted: “Remember this day! Remember this day!”

 Others chanted: “No more masks. No more masks. No more masks.”

The board moved to adjourn the meeting, left the room through a back door and the building was eventually cleared.

[…]  Utah Parents United Facebook page earlier had urged parents to attend their local school board meetings to protest mask policies, noting “if you are sick and tired of what your kids are being put through, do your part and show up. Don’t think things are going to change if you don’t get involved. We need hundreds of parents!

One parent caught it all on video with commentary:

This is a great example for all schools across the country. Push back on the tyrannical school boards and let them know you are not taking the mask mandate any longer.

The entire school board meeting video is below and things get loud when Monica comes up to speak at the 30:04 point. The parents clap loudly for her because she is anti-mask and brought facts with her. Monica is fantastic! At the 44:00 minute point the board shuts down the meeting but the parents are not having it…they are furious!

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h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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1 month ago

Want change vote them out,if you can’t vote out school boards then vote out those who back them,an raise the questions before voting an if they renege on their platform than recall them

David P Rasbold
1 month ago

Now keep the momentum going, do not stop. They will think it is a one-day event, keep it going.

1 month ago

Maybe it’s time to take kids out of the public schools and home school our children. If enough parents do that then the “powers that be” lose their power. There are many wonderful school curriculums available to home schoolers now.

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