President Trump Delivers POWERFUL Speech At The NRA [Full Speech]

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I always know something is hitting big when my phone starts blowing up with people texting and emailing me about what’s going on.

And that’s what happened tonight when President Trump gave his speech at the NRA.

People were texting me to say how powerful it was, and I was watching at the same time and completely agreed.

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The comparison between “The Resident” and our true President is absolutely shocking.

You have one guy who is no longer mentally competent, being used to drive an elite socialist agenda, and then you have a man who is firmly in command of not only his own faculties but the world at large….and he was NOT amused.

President Trump looked sharp, rested, younger, and frankly…pissed off.

My favorite part in the speech was when he told everyone when he’s back in the White House he’s basically going scorched earth.

I have a highlight clip for you here on Rumble of the best parts:

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And then I have the full speech for you here:

Love to know what you think…

h/t: We Love Trump

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