Oh No! Biden Goes Off Teleprompter: “Last night I was on the television, on television, I was on…the….telephone”

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Joe Biden went off teleprompter several times today during a speech in Elk Grove, Illinois. He was in Illinois to push the COVID vaccine and his $3.5 trillion boondoggle bill to ‘Build Back Better.’

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Watch the videos below. You can see Biden is trying to get the words out, but they just don’t come. Anyone who has experience with a loved one with cognitive decline knows this is typical. Biden’s handlers must have been going crazy over his gaffes. Anyone close to Biden should be ashamed of themselves.

“Last night I was on the television, on television, I was on…the….telephone.”

IT CONTINUED…“The Ohio Pennsylvania, The Ohio Pennsylvania *Gestures to Himself* Pennsylvania.”

Did you see this? Most Americans are completely unprepared for what’s about to take place in our country…

Biden had the Gaul to defend “Mass Firings” & “100s Of People Losing Their Jobs” Over Coercive Vaccine Mandates.

This is sad. The people around Biden are horrible to let him go out there and stumble around.

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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