FBI Sends Out Warning Advising Against Buying, Making or Misrepresenting a Vaccine Card Which May Be “Breaking the Law”

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The FBI is now in the pandemic business.  They were part of illegal activities in the Russian sham.  They ignored massive corruption in the 2020 election, but now find their purpose pushing vaccinations cards to Americans.

A couple of days ago, the FBI in Minneapolis tweeted out the following warning:

TRENDING: firearm [confiscation activated] in 24 states… scary

The tweet links to an FBI Public Service Announcement:

One response to the FBI’s ignorance of personal freedom was to refer to the Gates Foundation:

TRENDING: 1/2 teaspoon KILLS diabetic nerve pain (neuropathy) permanently!

Another response reminded the FBI of human rights – something they certainly lack training on at all levels:

Americans are not happy with what is going on anywhere in our government.  The government has likely never been more hated than it is today.

h/t: The Gateway Pundit

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Truth Teller
5 days ago

Obviously this poll is mistaken or practically only answered by Republicans because not only was Trump not a good president but he was the “WORST” president in the history of our country🤨👎🏼

3 days ago
Reply to  Truth Teller

No truth teller you are wrong and should change your name to False Teller! obama was the worst president this country ever had! Trump was the best President this country has ever had and kept Americans safe unlike your senile village idiot who can’t put two sentences together to form a complete thought without forgetting where he is, who’s allowing a disaster at our southern border which is putting Americans in danger by allowing illegal criminals into our country! Your pudding for brains senile sleepy creepy joe and his hoe will destroy this country! He needs to go back to his basement.

George E. Walker
5 days ago

Truth Teller ! Please go find a brain, because your’s is missing

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