EXPOSED: The Truth Behind The New Same-Sex Marriage Bill

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Have you heard about the new Sam-Sex Marriage Bill?

It’s named the “Respect for Marriage Act,” and if you’ve learned anything over the past 7 years from reading WeLoveTrump, you know that the truth about something is always 180 degrees from the name they give it.

In other words: The Disdain For Biblical Marriage Act.

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But that’s not really what I want to talk about here…

I want to talk about something you might not have thought of, but credit to Kambree who did: Isn’t Gay Marriage already “legal”?

The answer, of course, is yes.

For quite a while.

So why do we need this new Bill?

Simple: because it gives the IRS power to revoke the tax-exempt status of churches that believe in what the Bible teaches:

There you have it folks.

A sneaky back door through the 501(c)(3) to get churches to start preaching heresy right from the pulpit.

And you know the scary thing?

It will work in most cases.

So sad.

So disappointing…

Here’s more:

EPPC provided this warning about the new bill:

The bill doesn’t actually provide anything new, other than opening up religious institutions to possible lawsuits just for holding a differing opinion on marriage.

Breitbart explains:

But religious liberty proponents say the amendment does nothing to shield Americans who have a traditional view of marriage from being targeted under the law. Heritage Action for America Executive Director Jessica Anderson released a statement saying RFMA is an “unnecessary piece of legislation that provides for lawsuits against those who simply hold a different view on marriage.” She continued:

It seeks to put the federal government in charge of marriage, wipes out the rights of individuals to act in accordance with their personal beliefs, and discriminates against religious people treating them as bigots under the law. To make matters worse, the Senate is only now considering the bill in a lame-duck period after the American people voted.

Supporters of the legislation have said the expected consideration of a Tillis-Collins-Baldwin amendment would address the religious liberty problems in the original bill — but it would not. It is a messaging exercise that has no teeth, and religious Americans would still be subject to discrimination and targeting under the bill. Any senator who’s serious about religious liberty would be insisting on the inclusion of the Senator Mike Lee’s amendment based on the First Amendment Defense Act, which would actually protect religious liberty. Rather than respecting individuals, this legislation would open them up to persecution, fines, and punishment.

The Heritage Foundation’s Roger Severino wrote that the so-called religious liberty amendment would “provide nothing that is not already guaranteed.” He wrote:

And it doesn’t cover areas where forced participation in same-sex celebrations still occur, such as with private bakers, florists, photographers, and other wedding vendors. …The drafters of these amendments are conjuring the illusion of religious freedom while undercutting it at every turn.

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This is what true patriots like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and others have been warning us about:

h/t: We Love Trump

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