Elizabeth Warren slammed by… WHO!?

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren is learning a hard lesson: Don’t pick a fight with police officers and insult fallen heroes.

The Massachusetts senator and possible 2020 presidential candidate got called out by a small-town police officer for her double-talk on police serving a “racist” system.

On August 4, Warren told an audience at a historically black college — Dillard University — her version of “the hard truth about our criminal justice system: It’s racist…I mean front to back.”

The ultraliberal from Massachusetts says demeaning and insulting things all the time – but this comment really burned Frank Frederickson, the police chief of Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

He had seen two officers die in the line of duty in just a few months – one of them his own man.

Yarmouth Police Sgt. Sean Gannon was gunned down on April 12 while trying to arrest a 30-year-old career criminal wanted for violating his parole. Police say the suspect, Thomas Latanowich, was waiting for Gannon in an attic and shot the officer and Gannon’s K-9, Nero, in the head.

Nero lived, and Gannon died at age 32.

Three months later, Sgt. Michael Chesna stopped to help a man after a one-car accident in nearby Weymouth, Massachusetts. The driver, a 20-year-old Hispanic man named Emanuel Lopes, threw a rock at Chesna, then shot him and a 77-year-old female eyewitness with Chesna’s gun.

Both victims died, and Lopes is on trial.

Warren’s comments, calling officers like these two fallen heroes a racist, was too much for Frederickson – so he put the phony Native American in her place.

Warren had uttered “an insult to the hard working men and women of the Yarmouth Police Department, as well as other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies who are part of the criminal justice system that she slapped in the face,” Frederickson said.

“It is more bothersome that a short time ago, Senator Warren made some efforts to pay respects to Sgt. Sean Gannon and Sgt. Michael Chesna, who lost their lives while protecting us all,” he continued.

“Senator Warren’s recent statement tarnished us all and diminished the sincerity of her condolence efforts,” the chief of police said in a comment later posted to Facebook. “I now cannot trust her actions or words are real.”

“Statements like this are disrespectful and divisive,” he concluded. “In spite of what Sen. Warren said, the Yarmouth Police Department will continue to serve ALL people with dignity and fairness.”

Once the police chief led the way, other state and national figures took Warren to task for her anti-cop hatred.

Massachusetts’ Republican Governor, Charlie Baker, agreed that a lot of police “feel like, yeah, they come to work every day, they put their lives on the line, they do what they need to do to keep us safe and some people don’t appreciate it.”

Pundits have asked if her claim that the whole justice system is racist means that black liberals who worked in it – like former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder or former California Attorney General (and current U.S. Senator) Kamala Harris – hate their fellow African-Americans.

Warren saw the backlash building and issued an apology that’s as phony as her Indian heritage.

“I appreciate Chief Frederickson’s thoughtful comments,” Warren said, and claimed she honored “those who have been killed in the line of duty to keep the rest of us safe.”

But the Massachusetts liberal doubled-down on saying that the system is racist.

“I spoke about an entire system – not individuals,” she said, trying to wiggle out.

So far, no one is buying her backpedaling, and it’s easy to see why. Every day, more than 1.1 million Americans put on the blue uniform and patrol the rough streets.

They run into trouble, when everyone else runs away.

They help the innocent, punish the guilty, and keep us all – of every race and ethnicity – safe from predators of every imaginable crime and vice.

Hats off to Frederickson for standing up for his men, or their memory.

It looks like Warren has another lesson to learn: Don’t slap people in the face and then expect them to shake your hand.

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