Chuck Schumer just got VERY bad news (poll shocker!)

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Congress isn’t just unpopular. According to the latest polls, the legislative branch is nearing historic unpopularity — especially among Democrat,s who are frustrated that their party is being consistently steamrolled by President Donald Trump.

That’s bad news for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and other top Democrats, who need a big victory in November to guarantee their jobs.

Overall, only 17 percent of Americans report being satisfied by the job Congress is doing, Gallup — a left-leaning polling data group — reported Monday. Of those, a staggering 93 percent of Democratic voters say they’re frustrated and unhappy with Congress.

72 percent of Republicans say the same thing about Congress, while only 28 percent approve.

But a 7 percent approval rating the second lowest level among Democrats in years.

Given this high level of frustration, critics are asking: “How many Democratic Party voters are going to feel motivated enough to vote for Schumer and his allies come November?”

The answer: Not many.

Come election time, Democrats may be looking at another “red wave” of conservative politicians flooding Washington, D.C.

That could cost Schumer his job.

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