BUSTED Again! Fake News CNN Reported First Omicron Death In Texas, But Hospital Says NOT TRUE

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Earlier this week CNN falsely reported that an unvaccinated Texas Man became the first American to die from the Omicron variant.

Unfortunately, it appears the Fake News network reported false information again, which in this case, has caused a lot of Americans undue stress as families are scheduled to celebrate Christmas together.

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Health authorities in Texas are rejecting the story, saying instead the man died with, not because of the COVID variant.

According to The Blaze, Harris County, public health officials did not say that the patient died from the Omicron variant of COVID. Rather, he died after testing positive for the Omicron variant.

In fact, Harris County Public Health Department spokesperson Martha Marquez confirmed this.

“We can’t confirm that the patient [died] from COVID, but we can say that he was Omicron-positive at the time of his death,” Marquez clarified. “This information comes from our epidemiologists, who are the ones who get the reports. They have to do a very meticulous investigation, because, you know, they do take this very much at heart.”

“They are telling me that they cannot say that COVID was the absolute cause of death,” Marquez confirmed.

Harris County public health officials said that the man had “underlying conditions,” a state to which so many more other COVID deaths have been attributed.

“There were co-morbidities or other conditions listed on the death certificate for as many as 95% of all COVID-19 deaths,” the CDC said.

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Martha Marquez, Harris County Public Health: We can’t confirm that the person died from COVID but we can say that he was Omicron positive at the time of his death.

Dan Cohen: So he died with COVID but you can’t say he died from COVID.

Martha Marquez, Harris County Public Health: Correct. This information comes from our epidemiologists who are the ones who give the reports.

This story is one of many reasons why CNN is collapsing in the ratings.

Simply put, the Cable News Network can’t be trusted to report the truth, which is a sad commentary on how the first 24 hours news network lost its way, from journalists to corporate propagandists.

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